The Electrolux Global AI and Data Science team supports business functions across the entire company and helps them turning raw data into valuable insights and actions.


  • Using AI and Data Science to derive insights fromElectrolux data.
  • How to set up a Global Data Platform to support these activities.



Gustaf Brunius – Head of AI and Data Science Platform | Electrolux

My current mission is to make sure Electrolux has a world class Global Data Platform that caters to a multitude of use-cases ranging from more traditional business intelligence and analytics to more advance data science. Originally trained in Political Science (with a focus of organizational change), I have for the last 20 years been working with the implementation of Information Technology to improve analytical and operational capabilities in the Defense and Intelligence sector. I have extensive experience of leading initiatives in the data and analytics arena, sometimes from an analytics leadership perspective but on other occasions from a more IT and data centric leadership perspective.

Daniel Edsgärd – Lead Data Scientist | Electrolux

My mission is to create a diverse and engaged team passionate about machine learning and its application to create valuable solutions for the business. I have a background in research, focused on applied statistics and ML within computational medicine, but have for the last five years directed my attention to industrial applications of AI.

May 21 @ 13:45
13:45 — 14:05 (20′)

Day 1 | 21-st of May

Daniel Edsgärd – Lead Data Scientist | Electrolux, Gustaf Brunius – Head of AI and Data Science Platform | Electrolux