When you start a career with us, there’s no limit to where it can take you. We will trust you with great responsibility from the start, encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and reward a passionate mindset. We will welcome you to a dynamic workplace where you contribute by being yourself. Being a major player gives us opportunities to make a difference and shape the future. 


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Björn Hertzberg – Head of Data Science | H&M Group

Björn Hertzberg has worked with mathematically enhanced value creation for 20 years. Björn joined H&M 1.5 years ago focusing on customer personalization. He is currently the Head of Data Science for the H&M Group covering all brands and all stages of the value stream. Before joining H&M Björn was primarily working in financial markets, e.g., Systematic Investment, High Frequency Trading and Risk Management. Most recently Björn was Head of Economic & Statistical Research (Europe) at Nasdaq where he served for 8 years.

Misbah Uddin – Competence Lead | H&M Group

Misbah Uddin is a machine learning engineer and a competence lead at H&M. When he is not working on next generation MLOps platform for H&M, he is helping H&M to recruit, grow, sponsor, and mentor top engineers and data experts. Prior to working in H&M, he has worked as a software engineer focusing on search engines in different industries. Before that, he was an academic researcher and earned a Phd in telecommunications from KTH The Royal Institute of Technology.

May 21 @ 13:45
13:45 — 14:05 (20′)

Day 1 | 21-st of May

Björn Hertzberg – Head of Data Science & Misbah Uddin – Competence Lead | H&M Group