Dacil Ullman Hernandez – Group Head of Finance Analytics | Lowell Group

With over 20 years of experience within leadership and innovation within the field of data analytics, I can claim that my passion in life lies within transformation of ideas into reality through constant improvements, innovation and an agile approach. My focus is improving the efficiency of the current processes, implementing new ways of working by applying analytics, from simple algorithms to advanced AI, whatever is most cost efficient, always with ethics and compliance as a guidance.Transforming data into information and knowledge through team based work and efforts is when I thrive the most.


Kye Andersson – Strategist Major Impact Initiatives | AI Sweden

Kye’s is responsible for Major Impact Initiatives with AI Sweden, currently focusing on accelerating applied AI in Swedish healthcare and Media & Democracy. He is also a delegate of the Swedish AI Council, as well as the Nordic AI Alliance, holds an innovation Grand Prix Winner from Cannes Lions, and has 20 years of experience from digital transformation, international advertising, PR, PA and product and service development.

He is convinced that AI will change our world more than any other technology we have seen before. That AI will save millions, and improve the lives of billions. That AI will fundamentally impact health, food production, energy, business and creativity. Everywhere. Across the planet. AI will allow us to do things we haven’t even thought were possible. He is a frequent public speaker, and works regularly with international AI organisations and communities across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

Christian Guttmann – Global Head of AI and Data | TietoEVRY

In 2018 Dr. Christian Guttmann joined TietoEVRY as the Global Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data and Vice President. He has recently been named Top 100 Global AI leader by DKA. He holds an adjunct position as a professor (assoc.) at the University of New South Wales in Australia and adjunct research position at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. He is also the Executive Director of the Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute.

Niko Vuokko – Head of Technology | Silo.AI

Dr. Niko Vuokko, Lead AI Solutions Architect, heads Silo AI’s product development, technology, and Silo AI site leads. He is actively involved in company strategy and business development and specializes in data-driven B2B. Niko holds an olympic medal in mathematics, PhD in data science, and a broad background in software. Niko is a former Director, Strategy and Business Development at Eniram, and he has co-founded, advised, and sat on the board of several digital startups.

May 21 @ 09:35
09:35 — 10:15 (40′)

Day 1 | 21st of May

Christian Guttmann – Global Head of AI and Data | TietoEVRY, Dacil Ullman Hernandez – Group Head of Finance Analytics | Lowell Group, Kye Andersson – Major Impact Initiatives | AI Sweden, Niko Vuokko – Head of Technology | Silo.AI