2020 showed us the limits of a passive approach to change. Whether data teams were automating simple reports or running complex systems of machine learning models, too much changed at once to avoid significant disruption. Those who did best had invested in a capability undervalued in the hype surrounding data and AI: resilience.

In this talk we use this need for resilience to answer the question: why invest in MLOps? Beyond the technical reasons that motivate data people (faster deployments, reduced manual work), data practitioners must answer this in business-friendly terms because long-term investments in resilience require short-term sacrifices in delivery.


  • Wherever you are on your data journey, you will gain a broader understanding of the value of MLOps thinking, and hear success stories from the field that can inform your own progress, regardless of technology.



Shaun McGirr – AI Evangelist | Dataiku

Shaun McGirr has over 15 years of experience working with data as a practitioner across multiple industries, including doctorate-level training in applied statistics, consulting, and automotive. In his role as AI Evangelist at Dataiku, he is focused on helping customers maximise value on their paths to Enterprise AI, while coaching and advising teams internally.

Prior to joining Dataiku, McGirr served as Head of Data Science & Business Intelligence at Cox Automotive UK from 2016, where he led a team helping customers access, understand, and engage with data to improve decision-making. Prior to this, he was also a Data Scientist at Optimal Business Intelligence.

His data journey began at Statistics NZ, and continued through a PhD in Political Science at the University of Michigan, where he worked on data collection and analysis for projects on politicians’ support of foreign aid projects, and measuring varieties of democracy, and also taught introductory and upper-level comparative politics.  

Shaun is also co-host of the Half Stack Data Science podcast. He is lives in London, United Kingdom.

May 26 @ 10:55
10:55 — 11:25 (30′)

Day 2 | 19th of May – Machine Learning

Shaun McGirr – AI Evangelist | Dataiku