Join Foxrane in this session to learn how AI can be used to disrupt an industry that is dominated by expert systems and hand-tuned algorithms. The most valuable logistics software of the future will not be written by humans, it will be trained by data.


  • Improve operating margins using optimization
  • Model the profitability of various service levels
  • Generate actionable data by modelling operations as a graph
  • Use transformer models for something other than images / text



Robert Luciani – Head of R&D | Foxrane

Robert is first and foremost a jazz fusion composer but has a deep background in formal logic and computer science. He has worked as a BSD kernel developer, a cloud specialist at Microsoft, and an entrepreneur. His company, Foxrane, develops AI and HPC solutions for the most challenging and data-intensive workloads.

May 27 @ 15:35
15:35 — 16:05 (30′)

Day 3 | 20th of May – Logistics & Transportation

Robert Luciani – Head of R&D | Foxrane