Session Outline

We are standing at the brink of the 5th industrial revolution, a transformation led by artificial intelligence. Now, as humans, our narratives have always shaped our lives. But today, thanks to AI, it’s becoming much easier to create and spread these stories. However, it’s also critical that we handle this power with responsibility, given that the line between truth and fiction can blur quite rapidly. So, join us as we explore our journey in learning to navigate these challenges, walking you through our process and showcasing a real-life use case. We’re all in this AI-powered storytelling revolution together. Don’t miss out!

Key Takeaways

  • The power of storytelling at the AI era 
  • The impact of fake narratives
  • Our learnings
  • A Tetra Pak use case


Speaker Bio

Alberto Barroso – Global Head of Decision Science | Tetra Pak

I’m a family man, a scientist, and a Decision Science professional. For two decades, I’ve navigated the challenges and victories of decision science and management consulting in various global industries. My journey has armed me with a robust toolbox of analytical, predictive, and optimization skills, applicable across numerous business processes.

My real passion, though, lies in promoting the use of science to enhance decision-making. Facts and understanding our cognitive biases – that’s the key to unlocking maximum performance.

I’m the Global Head of Decision Science at Tetra Pak from the last 6 years driving their AI strategy, working with a brilliant team, addressing decision challenges, and generating sustainable value for the company and our clients.

Founder and CEO of Steady State Analytics & Narrative AI, all while garnering invaluable industry experience across multiple sectors.

Ph.D. in Applied Economics and several Masters degrees, which have further fueled my expertise in areas like Risk Modeling, Supply Chain Operations, Customer & Sales, Quality and Maintenance or People Analytics.

Anibal Sistac – Manager at Decision Science | Tetra Pak

With over a decade of specialized experience in Data Science, Aníbal is a seasoned Statistician and Economist, deeply knowledgeable in Big Data management and analytics. Having delivered value across multiple industrial sectors as a technology consultant, Aníbal’s proficiency in AI solutions is a testament to his versatility, including a stint in the gaming business. Currently, he is harnessing AI technology at Tetra Pak, driving innovation to make food safe and accessible everywhere.

October 26 @ 15:50
15:50 — 16:20 (30′)


Alberto Barroso – Global Head of Decision Science & Anibal Sistac – Manager at Decision Science | Tetra Pak