Session Outline

Generative AI and the theatre stage. Artists and machines engaging in co-creation. Creativity arises when different ideas and mindsets meet. In my talk, I will cover the subject of AI as a creative partner and as a partner for creativity, showing how theatre and film industry professionals can derive value from generative AI tools. I will illustrate the talk with an example of a theater company that has leveraged generative AI since 2016, as well as research at Google DeepMind in generative AI. The talk will also cover the ethical and organisational lessons that can be of value to academics and industry leaders alike.

Key Takeaways

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Speaker Bio

Dr. Piotr Mirowski – Staff Research Scientist | DeepMind

Dr. Piotr Mirowski is a Staff Research Scientist at DeepMind. His research on artificial intelligence covers the subjects of reinforcement learning, navigation, weather and climate forecasting, as well as a socio-technical systems approach to human-machine collaboration and to computational creativity. He is the author of over 60 papers that have been published in Nature, Genome Biology, Clinical Neurophysiology or at ICLR, AAAI and NeurIPS. Piotr studied computer science in France at ENSEEIHT Toulouse and obtained his PhD in computer science in 2011 at New York University, with a thesis supervised by Prof. Yann LeCun (Outstanding Dissertation Award, 2011). A trained actor himself, Piotr founded and directs Improbotics, a theatre company where human actors and robots improvise live comedy performances and investigate the use of AI for artistic human and machine-based co-creation

October 25 @ 14:05
14:05 — 14:25 (20′)

Day 1 | 25 Oct 2023 | Plenum

Dr. Piotr Mirowski – Staff Research Scientist | DeepMind