Session Outline

It’s 2022, the year of machine learning, you see 2 pills,
A Blue pill – Take this and the discussion ends here
A Red pill – Time to fly, the adventure begins, where we tell you about:
    – Our learnings & experiences while implementing MLOps
    – Journey towards MLOps and how to get started?
    – How to determine the maturity of your ML solution?
    – How to deploy and run your model in production?

Key Takeaways

  • Commencing your journey to MLOps
  • Laying down the foundation of MLOps
  • How to deploy ML models in production?


Speaker Bio

Varun Bhatnagar – MLOps Engineer | Swedbank AB

Born and brought up in a very small town Vidisha (in India), fascinated by the lifestyle of IT, the dream of working in a corporate industry was fulfilled as soon as I completed my graduation in Information Technology. I began my career as a Python developer and soon got exposed to the world of virtualization and cloud. Chasing my dream and trying to make it big, my passion towards cloud technologies and automation landed me in Europe’s hotbed of innovation, Sweden, where I have helped a lot of Fintechs in their journey towards cloud adaptation.My journey towards MLOps started a few years back when it seemed like a wild-west, where a data scientist trains a model in a Jupyter notebook locally, validates the output and tosses over the model binary to the operations team for production deployment. Felt like Déjà Vu (only this time it was with Machine Learning & not traditional software engineering). In my current role, I along with my team of bright engineers are shaping the state-of-the-art Data and Analytics platform for Swedbank on cloud. Designing & implementing a path breaking MLOps solution, paving the way for attaining high cloud maturity within the bank is one of the key focus areas. It’s both an honour and a challenge to be a part of such an initiative that I relish. I like reading tech articles. When I am not glued to the screen I like to spend time with my family. I am a true believer of “In life, anything is possible if you are just willing to go an extra mile”. Being a video game connoisseur, contributing with Analytics in gaming will be a dream project.

November 9 @ 16:10
16:10 — 16:40 (30′)


Varun Bhatnagar – MLOps Engineer | Swedbank AB