Digitalization is creating new opportunities but also new challenges for the manufacturing industry. Even though most companies are developing advanced Data and AI technical capabilities, they lack the capability and infrastructure for monetizing these solutions and generating ROI. In fact, a large proportion of the ongoing Data and AI use-cases cannot be integrated in the existing core business models. The current business infrastructure, capabilities and ways of working are too rigid and incompatible with a data-driven digital manufacturing strategy. 

As a result, manufacturing industry is facing enormous challenge to adopt and integrate Data and AI in their business and value chain. In this session, we will discuss how Monetization Readiness enables companies to assess their capabilities, detect gaps and blind spots and systematically prepare and plan for realizing digital manufacturing strategy.


  1. Defining Monetization for Data and AI use-cases in the context of Manufacturing 
  2. Challenges and impact of lack of monetization strategy 
  3. Preparing for ‘Digital changeover’ – critical assessment of current capabilities
  4. Key elements of Monetization Readiness
  5. Ready for ROI – developing new business capabilities, infrastructure and ways of working for digital manufacturing



Somil Gupta – AI Strategy and Monetization Advisor | Intakt AI (Part of Svara AB)

Somil Gupta is an AI Strategy and Monetization Advisor based in Sweden. He specializes in developing commercialization and business development strategy to grow digital business and monetize investments in data and AI. Before starting his consulting practice, he led business development for digital and AI solutions for Bosch Nordics.

May 27 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:15 (30′)

Day 3 | 20th of May – Manufacturing

Somil Gupta – AI Strategy and Monetization Advisor | Intakt AI (Part of Svara AB)