• The Decision Science portfolio problem.
  • How to define your Time To Value function? 
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Alberto Barroso – Global Head of Decision Science | Tetra Pak

I am a father, husband, and Data Scientist professional. With 16 years of international experience in management consulting at global companies and in a wide number of industries. I’ve strong analytical predictive and optimization skills, and extensive knowledge of business (supply chain, marketing & sales, HR, revenue, and asset management).

I passionate promote the use of science to improve decision making. Using facts together with the understanding of our cognitive biases is the best way to maximize our performance.
Currently I’m Global Head of Decision Science at Tetra Pak (based in Sweden). I’m responsible of a team of 20 Data Scientist focused on identifying new Data Science opportunities, developing, and deploying Empirical Value, but more importantly sustaining it along the time.

May 27 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:30 (30′)

Day 3 | 20th of May – Manufacturing

Alberto Barroso – Global Head of Decision Science | Tetra Pak